Monumental sculpture of two massive pillars facing each other in the desert at dusk.

Marcus Vinicius De Paula, Titan (2022). Zimbabwean black granite, Acrylic, Steel, LED. 48 x 120 x 60 in.

Naming his pieces after the moons of Saturn, De Paula explores an alternate reality in which the works are the only remnants of a lost world. The use of volcanic rock, granite, and alabaster, some as old as one billion years, forces an acknowledgment of the age and longevity of these materials in perspective with humans' time on earth. Within these materials, Marcus embeds lines of light throughout to cast an ethereal otherworldliness. In contrasting classical stones with charged noble gasses and brutalist cyberpunk aesthetic, the monumental works begin to transcend terrestrial notions of time. Marcus Vinícius De Paula is a Brazilian-American multidisciplinary artist. He has designed with light for over 15 years across theater, film, and live performance.