Marney Fuller

54 Pearl Street

Red tree
Marney Fuller, Cake (2021). Oil on canvas. 60 x 72 in.

I’ve had my studio in DUMBO for over 25 years. I've run an art school (AWE) for teens there for 15 years. Movement, light and time are characteristics of my work. My imagery celebrates the creatures and pollinators that surround us everyday and their fleeting loss of habitat in our natural world. My painting surfaces are textured and layered. Strokes, drips and plops build the body. Unblended colors next to one another optically describe light and depth which transforms the gestured marks into form and representation. The paint becomes a timeline of process and progression. My iconography are microcosms of changing boundaries and impermanence.

From the studio

It took a year to paint, “Cake.” I started it last April when COVID was changing everyone’s lives. You’d think it would be a perfect time to make art but, the stress of the pandemic made it difficult. Concern about my family and the city kept me in a transfixed state. My studio water heater broke while I was hunkering at home. Then I broke my arm trying to roller skate on the car less streets. Sometimes I felt resilient. Other times I felt broken. Dumbo remained a life line. I had a safe place to create and I’m grateful.

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