Long exposure photograph using a neutral density filter to expose for daytime. Blur of people running down beach with Wonder Wheel in background. Vivid colors due to necessary use of ND filter. Bright aqua sky

Megan E. Weber, Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge (2023). Photography - Velvet Fine Art Print. 19 x 13 in.

I'm working on an ongoing photography project called -
Is it Safe to Gather... Yet?
Examples of gatherings across cultures, borders and species:

In the last two years we’ve all been given an opportunity to step back and look at our behavior as a society. We’ve been globally united while being forced apart. This collection looks at how we interact with one another in public, as well as how closely related our behaviors and lives are to other species.

I’ve included examples of long exposure photography showing the chaos of people & commerce passing by in a matter of seconds, turning a herd of humans into a blur. Humans aren’t the only pack animal, like us other animals live in groups and gather together. Whether they were brought together by humans or have flocked to safety in numbers they too naturally assemble.

Have we become more conscious of our actions now in this “post pandemic” world? Has that step back to look made a difference, or are we carrying on as we did before? Are we respectfully treating one another as we no longer clap at 7pm in appreciation of our fellow humans?

Many people found comfort in bird watching and spending time in nature as we social distanced. Have we changed how we see the role of animals in our lives? How are we integrating this new found love of nature in our routines as we go back to “normal”?

I ask these questions of myself as I’m asking you. I don’t always like my answers.