Portrait of a small sea slug. Animal measuring approximately 2.5 inches X 1.5 inches

Megan Weber, Chromodoris Nudibranch (Nudi) (2020). Underwater Photography.

I am interested in the relationship between people and nature across cultures. While many icons of the world are known for brick and steel the icons that came before us wearing fur, feathers and fins will only thrive after us if we do our part in protecting them. Specific to NYC we are situated in the Atlantic Flyaway, a migratory bird path followed during Spring & Fall migration. We also have colonies of harbor seals, schools of dolphins and humpback whales swimming through our waters. Indonesia, in the Coral Triangle, is abundant with tiny treasures underwater and giants on land in the form of Komodo Dragons. The Caribbean island of Bonaire is home to hundreds of wild donkeys as well as schools of tropical fish. How we co-exist and how we can continue to co-exist is fascinating to me. I think photography is a good tool to shine a light on those that may not stand as tall in stature, but are equally worthy (if not more so) of our reverence.