Natalia Nakazawa


20 Jay Street, 317 & 318

Detailed fiber tapestry of the earth with strands of fabric connecting continents
Natalia Nakazawa, Our Stories of Migration (2017). Jacquard woven tapestry, yarn. 106 x 71 in. Photo by Etienne Frossard.

Natalia Nakazawa’s work is concerned with ideas of transnationality, diasporic contexts and cultural identities, storytelling, archives, and patterns of migration. She has long been fascinated by comprehensive cultural institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but has questioned her own place and personal history within their confines. Nakazawa accumulates archival imagery by entering poetic search terms into the museum’s database, collapsing layered representations of the collection into textiles in order to reconsider the museum’s alienating structures and question national identities. In her wood panel paintings, she uses Jacquard woven ribbons that have been arranged as orthographic architectural forms to present multiple perspectives. Influenced by eastern storytelling devices and illustrated manuscripts, the works seek to present numerous viewpoints of a singular story. Utilizing strategies drawn from a range of experiences in the fields of education, arts administration, and community activism, her work negotiates spaces between institutions and individuals, often inviting participation and collective imagining. Blurring the boundaries between administrative and education practices with more traditional studio art practices, Natalia brings a deeply collaborative approach to her work.

In her interview with Triangle Arts intern Chelsea Arenas, Natalia Nakazawa explores themes surrounding her work, discusses her background as an educatorand gives advice to aspiring artists. For more information, please click here.

On the occasion of Nakazawa's participation in the group exhibition TITLE TBD at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Natalia has a conversation with Meghana Karnik, the exhibition's curator. Together, they discuss the survival journeys of artists navigating a precarious arts ecosystem. For more information about the exhibition, please click here

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