Nikolay Koshelev

25 Jay Street, 405

Nikolay Koshelev, W1/7, 2013, Oil on canvas, 96 x 79 in
Nikolay Koshelev, W1/7 (2013). Oil On Canvas, 96 x 79 in.

The Moon Pool Project

A new project by Nikolay Koshelev in which he continues to explore the idea of disorientational realism. He turns to the phenomenon of Russian symbolism taking inspiration from Ballets Russes- the Russian ballet seasons in the 20th century Paris as well as poetry readings, theatre costumes and decor, engaging in dialogue with the plastic language of the time. In this gesture he invites the artists from ‘Blue Rose’ and ‘Donkey's Tail’ to join him in the discussion. He reimagines the aesthetics of stage decor of the time of the rising Russian ballet scene, also touching upon the theme of the carnival. The project consists of paintings, graphic works, video installation and sculpture. The narrative of the exhibition is the poetical and mystical imagery of Russian symbolism in the early 20th century.