A vibrant painting showcasing a diverse array of objects and figures each bursting with vivid colors and unique characteristics.

Noah Lyon, Further Underground (2024). Acrylic On Canvas. 36 x 36 x 2 in.

In the kaleidoscopic realm of my canvases, I invite you to navigate a world where chaos, order and neurodivergent thought converge. My paintings are a rejection of the mundane—an exploration of the untamed energy that pulses through the streets, the veins of contemporary existence, and the struggles of my own mind to made sense of it, all the while maintaining a sense of humor so as to not be driven completely mad.
Through poetic meditation and absurdist observation of socio-political dysfunction, I paint a perceived reality. Navigating between chaos and order, I unveil the raw and unfiltered truths that often elude conventional perception—a collision of color, form, and language. Every stroke, every color, is a deliberate act of defiance. I draw inspiration from the raw, unfiltered aesthetic of punk, rap music, bold vandalism, and underground culture as well as the sophistication of artists like Philip Guston, Jean Dubuffet, and Jenny Holzer.
Although not as immediately obvious I also draw great inspiration from the intensity of Northern Renaissance painting, especially Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder. My paintings can be become a battleground, a space where the unexpected clashes with the familiar, and the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary.
With my bold strokes I invite the viewer to step into the theater of my mind. My work is not a just a visual representation of a political chaos, societal collapse and the technologically induced anxiety of endless scrolling, but an introspective journey, a lyrical exploration of the absurdities that punctuate our shared existence.
As I offer my worldview to the public, I do so with the intention of sparking a transformative dialogue. I aim to provoke thought and emotion, challenging preconceptions and inviting contemplation. The reactions of the audience, whether visceral or contemplative, become a crucial part of the artistic process.
In the alchemy of perception and interpretation, I hope to catalyze a deeper understanding of the self, the intricate tapestry of the human condition, and our place in the vast cosmic expanse. My work is not a static entity but a living, breathing entity that evolves with the changing tides of societal consciousness—an ever-shifting narrative embracing the paradoxes and uncertainties inherent in our existence. Through the interplay of words and images, I strive to create a space for introspection, encouraging viewers to question, explore, and ultimately, to discover new dimensions of their own humanity.