Metaverse Petshop explores the link between information and physical space

exonemo, Metaverse Petshop (2022). Mixed media (Dog cage, Dog toys, LCD Monitors, Computers).

NowHere is a multipurpose hub in Soho supporting NYC-based Japanese creators across disciplines. We exist to help emerging talent explore their maximum potential by providing them with the means to showcase their practice and expand their network. Our newly started studio program proudly presents exonemo, a Japanese artist duo comprised of Yae Akaiwa and Kensuke Sembo. Currently based in New York, exonemo began its activities on the Internet in 1996. Since then, they have been expressing human physicality and emotions in the network age through critical and humorous approaches, crossing digital and analog media. Their accolades include the Golden Nica at Ars Electronica (2006) and the Art Encouragement Prize (2021). Notable exhibits include the Whitney Museum (2019) and Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (2020). They pioneered 'The Internet Yami-Ichi,' resonating globally and earning recognition from major media like The New York Times and The Guardian.