Large photographic collage of digital prints of various sizes. The prints are various photographs of glaciers and snowy landscapes

Ohan Breiding, Belly of a Glacier (to dress a wound from what shines from it) (2023). Photographic installation. 266 x 28 in.

Ohan Breiding works with photography, video and collaboration to reinterpret historical events, putting the past into a meaningful transformative relation with the present. By employing a trans-feminist lens to the discussion of ecological care and amplifying landscapes as witness, Breiding work aims to remember the forgotten, as they relate to the systemic failures and violence of the Anthropocene.

About Triangle

Triangle is a visual arts residency in New York founded in 1982, providing a life-changing working environment for committed artists through studio-based opportunities to experiment and create new work; shared community with other artists that lasts a lifetime; introduction of curators and other experts to the work at crucial times; cultivation of new and diverse audiences with public programs, such as open studios; and meaningful exposure to and interaction with the surrounding Brooklyn community and the wider world.