Olive Ayhens

20 Jay Street, 309D

Olive Ayhens, from the Upper East Side, 2019, ink and watercolor, 22"x31"
Olive Ayhens, From The Upper East Side (2019). Ink And Watercolor, 22 x 31 in.

Color is my first language. My painting frequently evolves from a special sense of place and transformation of environments in my own quirky ways. Sometimes there is a political/ecological subtext but always the love of the paint itself!!! I have fun with personification as well as improbabilities of scale. I work in connected series of paintings. I am very inspired from visual stimulation which is incorporated into themes.  I may use metaphors and ideas such as lust, love fragility, geological time, archetectural patterns and density, birth, journeys end and on and on. I am very concerned about the fragility of our planet and the possibility that humans have brought the sphere of life to the brink of disaster. With all this intense passionate seriousness there is also a lot of  humor in my work.

Currently, Ancient Critters print by Olive Ayhens is available through Russell Janis Gallery and 20% of the proceeds of each numbered print will be given to Project EATS, a Brooklyn based non-profit program founded by artist and activist Linda Goode Bryant. Using art, urban agriculture, partnerships and social enterprise, Project EATS works with Black and Brown communities to sustainably produce and equitably distribute fresh food and produce. https://russelljanis.com/product/olive-ayhens-ancient-critters