Rebecca Levitan


20 Jay Street, 318

Rebecca Levitan, let's get social, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30 in

My highly concentrated paintings and works of text and image peek over the wall into lives both mundane and extraordinary in an attempt to transmute the flotsam of the world into a larger narrative. My work embraces a multiplicity of forms of image-making without judging their status. I am equally interested in Dutch Still Life, Indian miniature painting, and Chinese restaurant menus. I believe any honest accounting of our world includes all three, shows each equal care, and therefore isn’t limited to a singular style or mode of making. Thus, each work requires new techniques, approaches, and journeys down rabbit-holes. Together, my pieces form a body of work as disparate as the world that informs them, but linked by an interest in everyday moments and the vernacular image.

About Triangle

Triangle is an artist-founded non-profit art institution in New York City, working locally and globally since 1982. Their programs emphasize research, dialogue and experimentation through residencies and public programs.