Two-faced ceramic vessel with eye shaped cut outs on the side. Colors are beige

Sara Jimenez, Why must our bodies end at the skin (2)? (2023). Ceramics. 9 x 12.5 x 5 in. Photo Credit: Daniel Kukla.

Sara Jimenez explores the material embodiment of deep transcultural memories. As a Filipinx-Canadian artist, she is interested in materializing narratives around ideas of origins and home, loss and absence. She works in installation, collage, sculpture, and performance, to create visual metaphors that allude to mythical environments and reimagined artifacts. Among other things, she sources familial narratives, marginalized histories, abandoned objects, colonial texts and photos, and textiles. Through material experimentation, she combines and rearranges these elements to complicate pre-existing concepts of place, lineage, and temporality.