colorful abstract impasto painting

Sarah Gibeault diLeo, South Shore (2021). Oil on Wood Panel. 6 x 6 in. Photo by @evandielo.

Sarah Gibeault is a Canadian artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her experiments in abstraction are explorations based on her traditional training in fine art.

Her work engages with place as a means of escape through self expression. Creating spaces as a shelter away from the omnipresent, ever-demanding and taxing truths that we wade through each day. Spaces that facilitate reflection, individuality and healing.

These works are self generating through a process of letting go of that external world and allowing the mind travel where it may. The pieces lack concrete representation and instead leverage relationships between colour, pattern, shape and individual sovereignty.

These pictures form like musical compositions playing with fields of colour, space, shapes and patterning.

An element of chance instructs the process while works are composed. There is randomness in each work that allows the artist’s emotional state and her expressive position to influence the painting as an act of freedom.

They rely heavily on modern light, bright and almost kitsch colour, patterning and expressive gestures.

They are built by starting with a gestural drawing that acts as a roadmap to lay down thick lush colour in an expressive manner.

Influence is loosely gained from textile patterns and abstract expressionist works during its seminal years, between 1945 and 1960.