Satya Hinduja

50 Bridge Street, 215

Alchemic Sonic Environment, 2016 - 2018, Video, Moss, Variety of Mushrooms.
Alchemic Sonic Environment, (2016 - 2018). Video, Moss, Variety Of Mushrooms.


"But here, where we dwell are the worlds of ignorance, worlds of mind and life and body separated in consciousness from their source, of which this earth is a significant centre and it's evolution a crucial process. This too with all its obscurity and struggle and imperfection is upheld by the Universal Mother; this too is impelled and guided to its secret aim by the Mahashakti." - Sri Aurobindo.

We invite you to focus on an intention for the one hour deep listening experience with Alchemic Sonic Environment.

The Alchemic Electronica sound piece “Mother” is composed and voiced by Satya Hinduja based on a repeated text "The Mother" from Sri Aurobindo (Philosopher, Yogi, Guru and Poet) and the foundational frequency of 172.06 Hz (Platonic Year of the Earth). It invites you to rise towards the Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) while pillaring the body and mind directly into frequencies found in the Earth's core, cellular and neuronal pathways and towards the drone of interstellar clouds of dust.

Please put on headphones and find a comfortable position within a dimly lit solitary space. Here, we ask you to spiral gently into the centre of stillness, a centre to listen by.

Set an intention that removes anything that does not serve you and that calls in personal sacred archetypes. Embody all planes of consciousness.

Within Satya's sonic and visual structures are many ideas represented: stories of suppression of the human psyche, the sacred environmental complex, initiations of the feminine and the essential nature of animal and insect. We invite you to enter these fields with her.

In this hour, allow the space to expand and explore the relationship between movements and your body. Be intuitive and let go. Move from your heart. Surrender to whatever calls you, be it rest, drawing, writing, dancing or meditating.

Deeply release and illuminate your journey to reach a supramental state of consciousness while framing energy, frequency and vibration.

Please click here for the one hour deep listening experience.


Satya Hinduja is a sound artist working with a range of musical instruments, voice and experimental electronic composition for spatial sound environments.  She is a formally trained musician with a Bachelor of Music in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music (Boston) and a Masters in Electronic Music Production from Dubspot (NY). Helping bridge ancient practices of sound and energy medicine with emerging technologies, her work seeks to define the transformative power of sound. Her process demands a specific state, one that contains a ritualistic power, suffused with energies that sit beyond the rational mind.

In 2011 Satya founded Alchemic Sonic Environment (ASE): immersive, multi-sensory deep listening experiences designed to invoke states of reflection, receptivity and exchange. Since then, Alchemic Sonic Environment has been collaborating with artists, neuroscientists and healing arts practitioners while exhibiting at various platforms such as Sages & Scientists Symposium, TEDx, Berklee India Exchange and the International Yoga Festival.

The technologies applied to Satya's most recent work unifies the listener to specific applications being devised under the umbrella of Alchemic Electronica ™ lending to a psychoacoustic experience for the listener.  Alchemic Electronica, founded by Satya Hinduja, is a platform which employs a vast range of traditional instrumentation with complex harmonic overtones, vocal and electronic landscapes while using principles of psychoacoustics, emerging recording and spatial audio technologies. It connects frequencies to the rule of the octave within the equal-tempered chromatic scale (just intonation) to simulate quantization of the audible sound range in the electromagnetic spectrum. The rule of the octave is where mathematics and music coalesce.

The site-specific work within the DUMBO studio is designed to explore the nature of health as a process.. It intends to give space for others to question the potential neuronal regeneration of the intelligent body during the act of deep listening.