Simonetta Moro

140 Plymouth Street, 1A

Cartographic view of the city of Athens with highlighted details of ancient monuments
Simonetta Moro, Athens (Oculi) (2018). Mixed media on mylar. 40 x 60 in.

SIMONETTA MORO is a visual artist with a focus on painting, drawing and mapping practices. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally, including: Galleria del Carbone, Ferrara, Italy; BRIC Art House, New York; Center for Architecture, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the American Academy in Rome, Italy; the Harris Museum, Preston, UK, and other venues.
Places are the subject and object of Simonetta Moro’s work: as instigators of memory, points of departure for imaginary journeys, vectors of time and space, and sites of exploration and intervention. Her approach oscillates between the affective and the analytical, and includes fictitious as well as factual data. Figuration and abstraction coexist in Moro’s work; the map-form is a synthesis of these two modes, a metaphor that allows her to expand on the politics and poetics of places. A personal history of wandering pushes her to investigate issues of placement and displacement. As tools for traveling, maps can either transport us into other worlds, or make us aware of the unseen details of our current world.

From the studio

I'm working mostly with ink on paper and mylar at the moment; the sample images are a good example of the kin of work I do, which tends to be cartographic and place-related. I have spent most of this past year drawing and writing about the practice of mapping in contemporary art. My book Mapping Paradigms in Modern and Contemporary Art: Poetic Cartography is forthcoming by Routledge.


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