Stephanie Echeveste

68 Jay Street, 612

Stephanie Echeveste, Brunch in Chelsea, 2019, Cotton cord, acrylic, oil pastel, 40" x 30"
Stephanie Echeveste, Brunch In Chelsea (2019). Cotton Cord, Acrylic, Oil Pastel, 40 x 30 in.

Stephanie Echeveste is a mixed media artist who uses found materials, natural fibers, oil, acrylic, and watercolor to create assemblages, sculptures, and works on paper.

Stephanie is currently working with found and manipulated natural fibers and used plastic bags. She weaves, sews, embroiders, paints, and layers her materials to create imagery related to her personal experiences and imagined lives of her ancestors. Her work is rooted in her identity as a third-generation Chicana, her love of cities and public spaces, her struggle with social media and performed identities, and her struggle with personal time management.