Acrylic painting resembling a landscape with trees surrounding a small calm body of water. A full moon like form is superimposed onto the trees. The quality of the paint is drippy and blurry

Sunny Kim, Invitation (2021). Acrylic on canvas. 42 x 46 in.

Sunny Kim reconstructs emotions of loss and displacement into images, blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion. As a metaphor for the immigrant experience and a presentation of alternate history, Kim often employ ‘Girls in Uniform’ as a symbolic image to explore memories both experienced and imagined. They serve as the visual basis from which certain emotional and sensory ‘landscapes’ emerge. The ‘landscape’ becomes a subjective performance and a world-building exercise around the ‘girls’ inhabiting the scene.

About Triangle

Triangle is a visual arts residency in New York founded in 1982, providing a life-changing working environment for committed artists through studio-based opportunities to experiment and create new work; shared community with other artists that lasts a lifetime; introduction of curators and other experts to the work at crucial times; cultivation of new and diverse audiences with public programs, such as open studios; and meaningful exposure to and interaction with the surrounding Brooklyn community and the wider world.