Vertical image. Naked woman standing

Vaida Tamoševičiūtė, The Cage (2023). Performance Art / video. Photo Credit: Live Action'18; Christian Berven.

I'm performance artist, educator and curator from Lithuania. Graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2008. In my works I explore feelings of shame and guilt, questioning notions of normality, self-harm, gender roles, individual’s place in society and maternity. Work of art or more accurate – act of art to me is mostly relationships. Searching my own connection with oneself, with people and places around me, embodied and specific experiences, the translation of the inside to the outside through the corporeal. Through simple everyday actions, repetitive gestures, states of boredom and vacuity I turn them into personal rituals. By placing an ordinary action or object in a different context, I test the rules and question established norms. Visitors of studio will be able to see videos of my newest performance art works.