3/4 view of white sculpture of figure with two sets of arms

Victor Liu, Maiden China (2023). Resin with porcelain powder. 28 x 38 x 9 in.

I was educated in the MFA Art Practice program at the School of Visual Arts, with previous degrees from Yale University (MA) and UC Berkeley (BA). My interests include: philosophical inquiries into art; the progression of artistic movements, especially in the 20th century; and the basic, primal question of "What is art for?"

My open studio will present new work from the last 5 years. I have 3 figures, a small pantheon, proposing to harness forces at work in the world today. In creating this pantheon, I am continuing the ancient impulse to give figure to mysterious forces, and applying it to our current world. There is a truth-seeking aspect to these proposals -- not truth with a capital-T, but more like what is meant when, after hearing a good joke, you say: "That is so true!" Their objective is akin to Werner Herzog's declaration that his films chase ecstatic truths.