Large colorful abstract painting

Vivian Scott, DIOVA (2022). Acrylic on canvas. 58 x 68 in.

I have been an abstract painter for nearly 60 years. After attending a small art school in Ft. Wayne, IN, I graduated from Indiana Univ. in l964 with an MFA. With the exception of a few years of teaching in Mich. and upstate NY and at International Art Workshops in Montreux, Innsbruck and Honolulu I have lived and worked in NYC and Warwick, MA. A catalog statement I wrote for an l974 exhibition at SUNY Oswego is apropos to my artistic concerns today.....stroke, shape and the tension resulting from their interaction.....juxtaposition, opposition, symbiotic relationship between shape and field.....continuous and discontinuous spaces.....comparisons and contrasts. My primary interest is in color interaction and drawing. I attempt to create in my paintings a perceptual experience which unfolds in time as the viewer's eye passes in, out, and around the painting space, sensing relationships between parts.