An image of a person painting a clear white tarp with a studio full of sculptures behind them

Yu Ji, Spontaneous Decisions II (2021). Performance with Installation.

Yu Ji is known for the diversity of her practice, working primarily in sculpture and installation, as well as performance and video. Her long-term interest has been in transforming ongoing investigations into specific spaces that become charged with geographical and historical narratives. She frequently conducts field research, and creates interventions through the vehicle of the body at different sites. Taking the unique materiality of things as a point of departure, and taking the sculptural as her primary form, Yu Ji has been developing her artistic language in relation to everyday life. Reflecting on and moderating the fragile presence of the human body in relation to objects found in their everyday environments.

About Triangle

Triangle is a visual arts residency in New York founded in 1982, providing a life-changing working environment for committed artists through studio-based opportunities to experiment and create new work; shared community with other artists that lasts a lifetime; introduction of curators and other experts to the work at crucial times; cultivation of new and diverse audiences with public programs, such as open studios; and meaningful exposure to and interaction with the surrounding Brooklyn community and the wider world.