Creature floating in water inside of a boxing ring.

Christian “Kiffy” Williams, PEVNOST’ PARADAJKA MAL’BA {PEV-NOSE-T PARA-DIE-CA MILE-BA} (2022). 48 x 72 x 2 in.

Kiffy - An Interactive Art Showcase

Step into the world of art and join us for an exclusive in-person viewing at Billie Elise NY. We’re excited to showcase a stunning collection by local artist Kiffy, a talented painter and animator. This invitation is a warm welcome to all art enthusiasts, collectors, artists, and anyone who appreciates creativity. Discover Kiffy’s unique style and show your support for local talent by adding one of his pieces to your collection. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the beauty of art in person. Featuring SnapChat filters made exclusively to interact with Kiffy's paintings.


Christian “Kiffy” Williams

Christian Williams (Kiffy the pit) is an artist born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Kiffy dabbles in a wide range of the visual arts like digital art, pen and ink, 2D and 3D animation, and freshly adding the massive world of acrylic painting to his arsenal. His style is heavily inspired by the cartoons he spent countless hours watching in his youth with his own splash of chaos. His art captures the blissful & free nature of childish creativity, creating without the restriction of thoughts or judgments, a lawless smash up of the first thing that comes to his mind. Let's get back to laying down in your grandma's living room on the floor in front of big box TV watching cartoons, flipping through channels, armed with a box of crayons and loose printer paper.