Austin Ballard, Clenched Palm (Tan Sachet with Kingfisher and White) (2023). Cane Webbing and Epoxy Clay. 20 x 15 x 16 in.


Curated by Jeff Wallace and Derek G. Larson

Are we addicted to scroll culture by design? Edward Bernays, an American advertising pioneer heavily influenced by the Bauhaus, believed geometric shapes and patterns could influence human emotions by urging individuals to support specific products and causes.

The artists in HOMAGE draw inspiration from the geometric principles of Gropius, Moholy-Nagy, and the New Bauhaus, incorporating algorithmic elements into their work. Endless scrolling has harmful effects on well-being with constant generation of updated content promoting disposability. HOMAGE showcases a collection of work that uses both AI narratives and handmade techniques to categorize and place us within a tapestry of media, prompting us to question the design of social media.


Alex Paik
Atu Ribiero
Austin Ballard
Dakota Gearhart
Derek G. Larson
Henry Chapman
Jeff Wallace
Leah Beeferman
Leslie Roberts
Stephen Sollins
Suzanne Song
Taylor Baldwin
Theresa Ganz