Photograph of Rape Seed with red twigs.

Helen Sear, Caetera Fumus (2015). Archival Pigment Print Face-Mounted to Plexiglass. 33.7 x 41.34 x 1 in. © Helen Sear

Land Revisited

KLOMPCHING GALLERY is pleased to present Land Revisited, an exhibition of artworks, utilizing the landscape as a thematic link between five artists pursuing very different creative photographic interventions—both in terms of their use of the medium, and their treatment of/relationship to the natural environment. We witness the landscape in the photograph, not as a straight forward re-presentation, but rather as a site of intervention, conceptually and physically. Open for Dumbo Open Studio, Saturday 11am–6pm only.


Samin Ahmadzadeh, Helen Sear, Doug Fogelson, Dora Somosi, Odette England