woven multicolored fabric featuring stripes in white

Lorenzo DiAndrea, unknown. Woven Fabric.

Closer Together

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, Loop of the Loom is proud to host an exhibit of works by SAORI Artist and former student, Lorenzo DiAndrea.

Since first weaving at Loop of the Loom in 2005, aged 9, Lorenzo has gone on to become a prolific artist in a variety of medias. Lorenzo’s work reflects his innate ability to spread joy and generosity, while opening pathways for interconnection among people and places. He is able to use his skills and knowledge of weaving to nurture important relationships with family, friends and community. As you take in, and move with the color, pattern, texture of Lorenzo’s expressions, may you feel his invitation for reconnection that brings us “closer together.”


Lorenzo DiAndrea

Lorenzo DiAndrea, weaver & silkscreen monoprint artist: Color, pattern and movement fill the minutes and hours of each casual day. These textured elements of daily living present as predictable, as well as surprising interactions that make up the fabric of life. The pieces and layers of Lorenzo’s weavings and monoprints offer remembrance that daily living patterns accumulate into life sustaining relationships and memories. Together, let’s look closely, breathe slowly, and love continuously; the repetitive pieces and layers within a typical day are sure to bring us toward a joyous, beautiful connection.