Multiple colorful objects strewn together.

Mandy Cano Villalobos, To Tire of Grace (2023). Mixed Media. 129 x 140 x 24 in.

To Tire of Grace

To Tire of Grace is site-specific performance / installation that explores motherwork. Artist Mandy Cano Villalobos sits alone in a tightly enclosed display case before a trough of domestic detritus. She meticulously sorts through discarded toys, underoos, kitchen utensils, clothing scraps, plastic jewelry, broken gadgets, and candy wrappers, threading each item onto long, thin cords. As she progresses in her labor, these cords accumulate an ornamental appeal that verges upon sacred beauty. At the same time, Villalobos’ Sisyphean toil contradicts the allure of each cord, and highlights the drudgery of parental chores. Whatever she seems to accomplish is negated by the onslaught of mess. Following the performance, Villalobos will install her finished cords in the display case, resulting in a sacrosanct homage to domestic struggle.