Erica Newton, untitled (2023). oil and acrylic on plaster. 12 x 9 in.

Sleeper is a Player

Final residency show for Project Space Artist-in-Residence Erica Newton. New works on plaster and canvas.

Last time I entered the hill and saw the artificial light source  found it 
made of long fluorescent tubing and a little painful on the eyes feeling of exposure
contained, it was unkind light   outside, it was joyous and still raining 

The double source   of the moon way off   making the horizon   a certain glow and then from behind, the artificial      the colors bright in a patch just beyond my reach 

Then there are the fleshy moments of disruption and revelation of surface and matter the X points  unseen  developed into familiar not quite memory 


Erica Newton

Erica Newton she received her MFA from The New York Studio School in 2022. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.