plaster sculpture resting on a white pedestal in a white brick room

Peter Dudek, The Beaver is Back (2022). Plaster, Metal, Photos. 100 x 100 x 100 in.

Mod, curated by Sharon Butler

For the word “mod,” like all homonyms, everything is a situation. It’s a slippery term with many meanings that depend on context, which could be early twentieth-century philosophical and aesthetic iconoclasm, postwar architecture, 1960s Carnaby Street, or something else altogether. For Two Coats of Paint, a favorite definition comes from contemporary gaming: mods are created when a player takes the basic code or structure of a game and changes the plot. In one way or another, the five artists selected for this exhibition could all be considered “modders,” whether exploring ideas about Modernism, working modularly, hacking the outcome, or serving as moderators who steer conversations. Artists include Sharon Butler, Peter Dudek, Steve Hicks, Sheila Pepe, and Adam Simon.


Sharon Butler, Peter Dudek, Steve Hicks, Sheila Pepe and Adam Simon