Tanya Rynd, Make Your Mark (2023). Multimedia Paintings on Paper. 8 x 8 ft.

Tanya Rynd: Make Your Mark

"Make Your Mark" is a multimedia exploration of work on paper. The two 8 x 8 foot murals are part of an exhibit which was first shown in the Archway Pop Up Gallery as wallpaper. The public was invited to draw and interact with these images, making their mark on the drawing. I then went further with these images and continued to paint and collage and explore the layers of the public and my personal mark. I am really excited to share these paintings as they feel alive with the vulnerability of our human selves overlapping with each other.


Tanya Rynd

Based in DUMBO, Brooklyn since 1995, Tanya is notably a part of the dynamic and vibrant pioneering art force that influenced the neighborhood over many decades. You may know Tanya as a partner and director at Superfine (Dumbo) founded in 2001, the first “farm to table” restaurant in the area; wherein she curates and produces live musi, art exhibitions and multimedia events. Tanya’s formal education includes; Art, Fine Art Printing Making, Women’s Studies, Writing and Literature. Rynd’s paintings wield a poetic tour de force, exposing a mythic examination of the self and a larger translation of humanity. Many of the works are self-portraits. Here the self, the model, crawls right up and over the proscenium; she slips right into the paint then turns back and looks at the painter and the viewer. She is a true figurative, expressionist painter! Rynd speaks directly to the human psyche, referring to her paintings as “the unspoken stories, love letters to the world and to myself.” Tanya Rynd is an accomplished oil painter and a fine art printer focusing primarily on monoprints. She has worked with master printer Marina Ancona director of Ten Grand Press, Brooklyn.