The Place

The Place

25 Jay Street, 502

The Place. installation by Steve West, Photo by local DUMBO photographer @ernestoge


Anna Pietrzak

Anna Pietrzak is based in New York City. With a background in architecture, her work depicts forms exploring weight and tension. Her paintings fall somewhere between the figurative and abstract, and use gold leaf and raw pigments as primary mediums. Anna has exhibited her work internationally and has been featured in several publications.

Zebadiah Keneally

Zebadiah Keneally (b. 1984), also known as Hamburger Vampire, is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. Keneally’s illustrative sequences are reminiscent of comic strips; succinct multi-paneled narratives that mimic, mirror, and reimagine daily life. Animated figures and aspirational words spelled out in hefty block lettered present in Keneally’s constructed hypothetical scenarios convey moments of introspection, “imposter syndrome”, and at times existential dread. If R. Crumb, Philip Guston, and The Far Side comic strip by Gary Larson had a baby; that baby would be Keneally.

Saskia Fleishman

Saskia Fleishman b. 1995 graduated Rhode Island School of Design in 2017 with a BFA in painting. Fleishman is based in Brooklyn, NYC. Recent residencies include: Wassaic Project, ChaNorth, Vermont Studio Center, Trestle Art Space, The Otis Emerging Curator Retreat, and PADA Studios. Curious about curating other artists work as well as exhibiting her own, Saskia continues to collaborate with peers in the greater New York area. In addition, Fleishman has exhibited her work in Miami, Providence, Rome, San Juan, Lisbon, and Milwaukee. These works are generated from landscape photographs taken on recent trips and images sourced from my families collection taken around the tidewater Chesapeake Bay area. These photographs are then recomposed as geometric abstractions or color studies derived from Josef Albers', ”The Interaction Of Color” by tilting the image, flipping the horizon line, or cutting out a part of the landscape. These gestures serve to demonstrate the malleability and impermanence of memory over time and in space. The paintings pair flat and smooth masked airbrushed gradients with textural materials such as sand, clay, burlap, and chiffon to create an interpretation of place and moment with material. This work forms a space to contemplate points in time, perception, and our relationship to memories embedded in our landscapes.

Elliot Purse

Purse’s current series of work threads an aesthetic line between abstraction and figuration and addresses themes of masculinity, nationalism, entertainment and power present within contemporary American culture. Using charcoal, pastel, and gouache, Purse renders contemporary pro-wrestlers or bodybuilders in a fragmented style reminiscent of Greco-Roman statuary. Although ominous at times, satire plays a large role in the conception of his work.